No Gods : Gods Will Be Watching


Do you like spinning plates?

Not the sushi thing. The thing that clown in the amusement park do.

Not everyone likes spinning plates or good at doing it.

Gods Will Be Watching is basically spinning plate while praying that the plate is actually a plate and not a mimic that is going to bite your face off a second later.

Gods Will Be Watching is a game about micromanagement while handling sensitive situation, and is a fucking bloody hard one. The game mechanic is point and click turn based thing where time will not move unless you take an action.

gwbw 2014-07-28 18-31-23-59

You are Sgt. Burden. The story led you through various situation, for example: Survive 20 Days Torture, Hostage Situation, those stuff. The thing about Gods Will Be Watching is you have to be able to read the sprite of all the NPC and take action accordingly which in each scenario there are many NPC, each have different tolerance on things you’ll do, you have to manage them through the scene, push too hard and they will blow up right in your face, make the situation even worse, too soft, They’ll run or choose an easy way out.

The story will not making any sense unless you complete the game.

Seriously, If you are into Christopher Nolan’s flashback fragmented story telling shite. This is the game for you.

The game is pretty, but the best thing in my opinion about this game is the soundtrack. just listen to this.

In and of itself, This game is worth the full price if you’re looking for a point and click micromanagement game just to pass the time, but the game trailer set an expectation for something else. If you play this game for branching story and everything, you’ll be disappointed.

The story is linear.

Even though it is linear, The journey to get to the ending is not.

gwbw 2014-07-28 18-32-10-44

There is one stage which sum up the whole essence of Gods Will Be Watching.

You wandering the desert.

No night, Two sun. Just you and the blinking signal light on you suit.

The pointlessness of it all. This is what make such a minimalist game, such a brilliant one.

Then again, Gods Will Be Watching is like spinning plates, You may not like it. Most of the people may not even like it, but for what it’s worth if you stick with it. It is a bloody brilliant one.


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