Post-mortem : Thailand Toy Expo & Thailand Comic Con

Let’s start with Thailand Toy Expo, shall we?

Thailand Toy Expo is the event where all the toy stuff meets, Hot Toys, ThreeA, the lot. Last year the event is a one day event, but this year the timetable is longer, now it’s four days straight and spread all over Central World, BKK.

ImageThreeA tin soldier middle of the mall

For this year, I’m here just to walk around, sipping coffee, and meeting with friends. So there is no rush for me or anything. The lighting of Central World is inconsistent as always and the mall was crowded, so not much of a clean shot.

I heard that NIDA, the new Thailand distributor for Goodsmile and Kotobukiya, will display the figure they sell, so I decided to just go to their booth and take a peek.

ImageKotobukiya’s Hitagi

They actually have quite an okay setup for displaying figure, but the placement of figure could be better, having a crowd for the backdrop bokeh is not really a cool thing. However, prop to them for their first time organising a booth for an event and not ruined the actual sculpt of the figure with horrendous lighting.

ImageKotobukiya’s Olivia

For the blue tint, It is the thing that happens when you underexposed Kodak’s Ektar 100.

Yes, most of the photo in this post is from my film camera, the K1000 with 50mm f2.0 lens.

ImageMax Factory’s Momo

To be honest, I’d say this event is not really have such a nice selection of anime figurine, almost all of them are already released and easily obtainable via the internets, so not much excitement in that part, still getting to see figure display for public is interesting in it own self.

ImageHot Toy’s Bruce Wayne

There is Hot Toy’s booth. They actually come with a proper display box these guys know how to display their model properly and it shows. I’m not really into Hot Toy’s stuff but I’ll have to say I have lot of respect for their attention to detail and everything.

ImageHot Toy’s Arnold Schwarzenegger

I mean, just look at their work. The thing is radical, also the collection they put on display is nothing short of astonishing.

ImageThreezero’s Atlus Titan

Here’s one of the reason I come to this event. The designer toy maker, Threezero, is showcasing their prototype. This is the Atlus class titan mech from Titanfall. The detail and colouring is spot on with the model in the game, very cool one indeed.

ImageAtlus Titan Pilot

The pilot is included at the time they still haven’t colour the pilot though. With that said the detail on both the pilot and the titan is ridiculously amazing. Can’t wait to see the thing complete and put into production.


Then there’s the Dollfie, this year theme is Kimonos and elegant dress, i guess. It is quite unfortunate that the lighting is quite rubbish, but the set were ok. Let’s hope that next year they can reserved a nicer space for the display.


I never get into these kind of elegant ultra formal dress, but different stroke for different folks, i guess.


Most of the dollfie on display are okay. They represent their owner attitude toward the hobby. Some prefer cosplay, some prefer casual, some designer dress. The thing is there is no wrong in personal preference.


Some might be more expensive than other,


but at the end of the day, we are all fish swimming in the same pond.


Other than Dollfie there are also load of life sized designer toy exhibited all around the event.


bit and bobs everywhere.

Thailand Toy Expo is totally big on designer toy, less focused on japanese figure and model. If you’re into designer toy, this event is quite a treat.

After the event, I still have some shot left in a roll and decided to finish it off with shooting Volks and DDC booth at Thailand Comic Con. I didn’t bought another roll so I have only 1 day worth of shot left and decided to spent it on day 1. Here’s the result

000013Volks Display Day 1 Pre Event

Yes, Volks attend this event. You can check out their write up here.  I also bring alterhime along with me to display at DDC booth.

000002Sasarahime x Alterhime

The lighting of this event is a whole different level. They actually held an event in a conventional hall, so prop to the organiser for reserving proper venue.

 000008Volks Kanzaki Ranko

also, thanks to Volks for coming here, to our place. We do appreciate your company taking time coming here and meeting with your fans.

000011unknowdata’s Shijou Takane and DDC san

DDC’s booth are quite cool. The booth locate just opposite of the main window of the venue, so the light is not problematic, and they have a lot of props to play with too, so it’s all good fun.

 000010Mr.MVP’s Haruna and the gang

It’s been a good fun meeting with friends and stuffs. Also, the booth have guest area where anyone can bring their DD along and join in the fun.  In which there are many guest coming to the booth in those 3 days.

All of the shot after this is shot by my Pentax Q + 01 lens which is my primary work horse for a year now. I still use it on daily basis as a nendoroid shooter. Having plans for putting C-mount lens on the thing but other project is sucking all the fund.

IMGP0848Remina’s Aisha

The style of the DD in this event is mostly casual with some cosplay in the mix, but all of them are quite cool to see indeed.

IMGP0849Turbow’s MikiMiki and Applepuff’s Yukiho

Volks brings Miku and Senbonsakura Miku to put on display at the event and all the older dollfie, Kanzaki Ranko, Shibuya Rin, Illya, Melty, Saber Lily, Saber Alter 2nd and Sasara.

IMGP0885Volks Senbonsakura Miku

Quite a lot I’d say.

IMGP0856Volks Hatsune Miku

Miku is pretty nice closed up. Pretty sure that the 01 on the shoulder is a vinyl decal and could be opt out if you prefer to keep her clean. Will be interesting to see how she turned out when Volks launch the thing.

IMGP1022After Event with Volks san

The event turned out to be pretty fun, Much thanks to DDC for organising the booth and Volks for taking time to visit us.



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