Elder Scrolls Online : Ghost of the Past

*This opinion piece is based on the beta stress test pass

    When we think of Elder Scrolls series, We think of large world full of tales to be told. The adventure that lay ahead as we regain our freedom. Elder Scrolls Online took the approach of the original Elder Scrolls Series and pampered it into a MMO game.

Like every Elder Scrolls, After you finished your character creation you start as a prisoner in a jail of another rift, hence start the tutorial, unlike any Elder Scrolls, you actually spawn next to other real human controlled character. The tutorial here is, like any other Elder Scrolls, basic short and do not waste your time, so that’s good.

After I finished the tutorial I spawn in mid air like 5 km above the ground and falling uncontrollably to the ground and with no parachute whatsoever I have to watch as my silly character scream as she fall through a deep descend and when my character hit the ground the screaming stopped and there is a respawn at nearly checkpoint message, just to ridicule me of my helplessness of not learning any special levitation spell in the tutorial.

Just like that, The game open up to much more opportunity to doing side quest the starting town have like three or four side quest which will lead to another chained side quest. It starts to feel more like Elder Scrolls title. Until you see shitload of player running in the same direction doing the same quest in the same spot producing bug that the NPC won’t talk to you, so you can’t pass the objective. The mob also spawn too slow not being able to put up a fight with 10+ noob ganking the same monster at the same time. Basically, you can just run with the noob train and get the quest objective done without putting in much effort.


You buggy little bitch NPC.

In question of how’s the feel of character movement and animation is that same dated feel as a vanilla Skyrim. It was not so bad, but not so good either. The gameplay is faster than Skyrim, but not really require such accuracy and lightning reflex either. One of the thing you will find yourself doing regularly while playing this game is switch to other screen and do other stuff in the background, because of the long load time, I’m not kidding. It was like 5 minutes long in a large map change and 1 minute for entering an inn or a bar.

Elder Scrolls Online seems like not such a welcoming place to stay.

After spend 6 hours into the game constantly asking myself if this thing worth the price tag. I am 100% sure that It was not worth it. The thing is Elder Scrolls Online try to make the player immerse in the world and the lore surrounding it, but due to many design fault and gameplay that require ridiculously little cooperation begs the question that does this game even need to be a subscription based MMO at all and why all the microtransaction running rampant throughout the design combine with a very dated MMO gameplay which other MMO can and do better, Elder Scroll Online seems like not such a welcoming place to stay.


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