Something I wrote in Starbucks just to look kulle and professhunaru : Fall 2013 Anime

This will probably be a picture post cause I’m busy and too lazy to write an actual post.

So, I’m watching these things this season


Kyoukai no Kanata

Typical Kyoani stuff, good enuff’
Don’t like Kyoani stuff? Fine.
It’s good btw.
Best OP + ED this season.

“Red Glasses is justice.”

– niceAnon

“Offers good laugh”

– AnimuEntuast


– definitelyNotCatz

“I don’t even like girl with glasses, but I love this show anyway”

– T4k3D47SuXX0R

“Still better than that mechandise woeing animu”


“I hate this shit, It haz Aidoru scene in it”

– Catz

Would you not believe these guys testament?

If you want my opionion this show is nice. It’s overly hardsell red glasses in the first few eps, but nevertheless nice.


Strike the Blood

I dunno. heroine kawaii. so it’s okay.
apparently teh main d00dz is Vlad and definitely not vampire.
It’s nonsense. Still, kawaii stuffz.
go plays Magicka too. It’s good game with friendly fire stuffz.


Kill la Kill

mad shit. load of underboobs and boobs and everythingz. if this your kind of thing, you probably need medical attention.

*it’s like junk food, you know it’s not healthy, but it’s so goooood mmmMM

**that’s quality journaljizzm there

***Trigger is not Gainax, you fucks.

****It animated by Guren team.

*****Some time it looks like flash animated graphic or a gif even.


Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova

since when battleships is this kawaii, also this show is the best implementation of 3D ever. It’s way a lot better than those dancing scene in Love Live! but I’d still prefer 2D. I don’t know whatever the thing is, but yea. it’s a pretty nice example case if you want to defend that 3D is better than 2D in anime.

[HorribleSubs] Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Nova - 04 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_01.27_[2013.11.17_11.13.25]

dat boobs zooming in teh OP.

mmmmm quite goooood

FYI: Shimakaze (Kantai Erection) is best.


White Album 2

it’s white album. what do you expected?

WA2 game ver. song is better, but let’s hope this not turning into doujin anime like WA, okay?

apparently it’s about aidoru.

apparently I like it.

but that doesn’t mean i like aidoru.


Breaking Bad

About Chemistry Teacher who apparently teaches Chemistry. Is an educational show with absolute no violence whatsoever, so if you’re prepping yourself for a Chemistry Exam watch this. Good Grade guaranteed.

Also, It aired 5 Seasons already. You’ll need to do some catch up.

This article (whatever this thing is) is not open to criticism, because having an opionion on teh internets is wrong and I don’t have to liek whatever ur mainstream people liek.

Deal with it yo!

Pro tip : don’t hate on Kyoani stuff especially after they just done airing FREE! You will only make urself look liek an idiot. #FREEisTooIntense4U #MensSwimming #Walking4Idiots             #Swim4Lyfe


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