Post Mortem : Summer Anime 2013

Last season of all those anime has ended, so I am writing this post just to vent all my repressing emotions. I don’t know if you people enjoy the latest batch of anime, but as the time of this writing I only manage to finish 4 series which is not such a good sign.


So I’ll write about what I’ve finished then. The show I’ve enjoyed the most this season is probably Servants x Service. I love how the show portrayed mundane office life of not so ordinary people and the relationship that plays the part between them. It’s not a serious show though. Maybe that’s why it hit such a high note with me. The show itself is quite a relaxed love comedy show, so no drama, but full of fun gags and stuffs. Especially on the later episodes everything come together so well. quite a gem in this season indeed.


The second one is Bakemonogatari SS. Well, Bakemonogatari is Bakemonogatari. There is no genre reconstruction innovation stuff going on here, but the show plays its’ part just like how it supposed to. Bake SS is definitely an improvement over Nisemonogatari that’s for sure. As for those who have never heard of Bakemonogatari before. Please, do yourself a favor go watch the show from the first season up to now. It’s sublime.


Third, Watamote. Watamote is kinda huge this season, but I don’t really enjoyed it as much as others. Yes, there are some very satirical otaku joke in there but No, I don’t actually enjoyed it while it last. The show itself is not bad in anyway particular, but I’ve seen enough in life just to be disgusted by it.


and the final show is Prisma Illya. I’m quite fond of Type Moon so I watched the whole thing. If you have already read the manga, there is no need to bother with the anime. Prisma Illya is not bad in anyway, but it’s too plain, too safe, too normal. to the point that you’re better off just finished the manga and be done with it. The anime stick to the manga like a glue. No need to waste time over such thing if you’re busy with life and everything.

For what it’s worth, the last season is barely enjoyable,

maybe there is too much games to play, too much work to be done, so I just decided to dropped most of the anime that I don’t deemed worthy of my attention anymore. No offense intended, but most of the mainstream stuff is just disgusting to me. Take Shingeki no Kyojin for instance, I don’t understand why people worship that bland shounen anime like it the best thing ever. It’s gory, granted. and then what? Does it innovate any new kind of story telling? No. All it is nothing but a pile of wet feces and fan service. Should you worshipped the thing? Well, If you’re into that kind of stuff then why not? I’m openly disgust by it, so should you love that kind of thing that means you can form your own opinion, but yea…

Maybe I should stop watching all these stuffs..


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