Teh Feels. It’s All About Teh FEELS! : Das Ultimate S and Stuffs

So, I bought this one keyboard off the bargain bin.


It’s called Das Ultimate S


It is a Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard.


Cost around $100-ish

Inside the box contains :
Das Ultimate S 1 ea
USB to PS2 Adapter 1 ea
Cleaning Cloth 1 ea

The Das Ultimate S is a proper working keyboard.

It doesn’t have anything redundant and all the feature you need will be there for you. There is no frill and fun, It’s all working stuff here. And I kinda like it.


From a week use with a lot of clicking – clacking from normal document typing to late night gaming. The thing can totally satisfy what I expect from a proper keyboard. The looks of the thing is no slouch either, but after a week use that glossy surface is totally bombed.
By bombed, I mean… Seriously bombed.

So, if you plan on buying one, make sure you’d love to clean it once a week or just coat the surface with whatever matte colour you want.

The mechanical keyboard is not different from normal rubber dorm keyboard in term of function, what it do, but in term of feeling when you’re doing it. The mechanical switches definitely give off a whole different feel. The audio confirmation of a click is an addictive thing indeed. So, you may ask why don’t I buy Gaming Mechanical Keyboard which offers more features and what not? The thing is Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is practically all not that well built. When the execution of things is sloppy it tends to get in the way and all the basic principles suffers because of that.

In conclusion, Das Ultimate S is a proper keyboard, but definitely not one for the kind of gamer who want all the LED and the optional macro button and stuffz.

If you’re looking for proper all rounder keyboard do give this one try one.

Pros :
The build quality is solid.
The overall feel is awesome.
Cherry MX is mainstream’ed, so modding is easy.
USB Hub (2 Ports)
N-Key roll over

Cons :
Glossy Finish – Who the fuck thinks this is a good idea?
Not braided cord
No LED – deal with it?
Light Leak from Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock indicator

Neutral :
Blank Keycaps – for absolute 1337N355
Silent is not actually SILENT


By the way, about Gaming Mouse and Keyboard, I’m not a pro or serious gamer (probably) but I can ensure you that most Gaming Mouse and Keyboard do give an advantages when gaming and it’s not just the ergonomic. The Gaming stuff may not be all that durable *glare Razer* but it sure is good while it last. My current mouse is Razer Naga + Razer Scarab mousepad, some may find these stuffs gimmicky, but I say “Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholders”. If you never owned one you probably don’t understand how these things works. So please, shut the fuck up and buy one before puking you shit on the Internet.



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