Why would you not Chabu Fansubber?

Fansubbing vs. LC eh? This is a long time debate between scholar and trollz. Long story, lots of internal breeding. Tears were shed, Friends betrayed each other, Shit soaked on both side. So, Yes, we should definitely talk about fansubbing.

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I’m not saying that everybody should support fansubber and all of them are greater being than we are, so we have to bow down and throw our hard earned cash at their donate box. What I’m going to talk about here is… frankly, in defense of fansubber, why fansubber is not all evil people whoring for likes and donation.

So, In this day and age where we, at least most of the people who watch anime, have a quite okay internet connection and frankly speaking if you’re watching a lot of anime you spend quite a lot of time in front of the computer instead of going outside and having a life. Downloading fansub or streaming is easier than go out and buy the LC package, plus, you get to watch all the newer show which most LC company haven’t bought the rights yet. What did you pay for by downloading fansub? Well… NULL; Zero; 0;

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Nothing but the monthly cost of your internet connection and the electric bill which, frankly, your mum or dad will pay for you as a household cost anyway.

So, why would you still buying LC when fansub is faster and more convenient than that of official release?

Fansub is a short for fan subbing which is fans translation which is NOT an OFFICIAL or ACCURATE proven translation. Also, you don’t get the official packaging which to some has a sentimental value.

Given, not all fansub is accurate, but when you get to consume the content that fast, i.e. 5 hours after the live broadcast in Japan, The inaccuracy of the sub is tolerable. Also, the thing is FREE.

LC is slow at publishing content. Yes, because of the proofing and production and stuff, but do we really need to hate fansubber for stealing LC profit? Do we have to kill off all of them.

Fansub will never be abolished.

Simple reason, your LC stuff cost moolah, and Downloading Fansub cost nothing. You simply can’t compete with nothing. However, You can improve your product and make all the people who support you feels better. Case in point, The video quality, the sound quality, the packaging. Don’t ever complain why fansubber render their file with high quality video and audio. They do it for FREE and did a good job at that. So, why you, as a paid employee, can’t do a better job than them? Why would we spent moolah on stuff that not worth the cost?

Also, There is the convenient issue in which currently being solved as streaming service starts to pop up, but when there is so many publisher doing their own service,

It’s not going to be convenient.

You going to have many account, login again and again and again, and having trouble remembering which publisher own the right to which series.

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Why not look at Steam? Simplified everything for your gaming needs with one login.
Why don’t we have service like that? A platform in which serves as a base for all the licensed anime, soundtrack, fan works included.
Also, sales… look at what Steam Sale does to Gamers. It’s nothing different than that of lady clothes 80% off priced does to lady.

When LC is so convenient and priced nothing more than one meal. Why would you pirate?

When you can support the author of stuff you loves and have a painless way to enjoy it.

In reality, someday we may reach that point, but today is not that day.

LC is ,frankly speaking, can’t push out content fast enough or even  painlessly enough for consumer to enjoy.

So, Why would you not Chabu Fansubber?


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One response to “Why would you not Chabu Fansubber?

  1. You make some good points here.

    I’m more than happy to support the author and such by buying blu-rays or DVDs, but as you said it takes a while for them to push out content for those of us who need things translated. Companies like Funimation first have to get the licensing rights, and then they usually search for an dub cast as well. They could push out content faster if they just released discs with just subtitles as well.

    It’s sort of the same issue with music; pirating it is basically stealing sales from the artist. However, if you look at it another way, pirating music or watching fansubs is a way for people to “sample” the music or show to see if they like it. A lot of people are more than happy to end up pay for the official thing if they end up liking the series based on what they watch or listened to.

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