Post Mortem : Spring Anime 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin


Status : Stalled at EP.14

I don’t really like it.

Valvrave The Liberator


Status : Finished

This is Sunrise at its’ finest! The fucking thing don’t even end in a single season! Pink Fart is everywhere. There is rape. There is shitty love triangle. Their is emo bitchy hardarse school idol! Their is shit ton of robotic animu reference! WHAT MOAR CAN YOU ASKED FOR!?



Status : Finished

Oregai is the best. Seriously, Oregai is the best. Apart from shitty production value, Story wise this is practically what I enjoyed the most from this season. I don’t know, really. This show is the best. Watching this show is like watching emo introvert teenager interact with society which is pretty amusing in and of itself.

Hataraku Maou


Status : Finished

Maou (not to confused with Maou Yuusha) is good fun. The early episode featuring random gibberish language is quite rubbish though, but after that the thing is full of amusing gag. So, Maou (not to confused with Maou Yuusha) is a good anime. By the way, Emi boobs is fine the way it is. You are not even a pettanko, don’t be an arse to all the pettankos.



Status : Finished

A Heartwarming tale by Urobuchi Gen without the protagonist going insane or dead. Good watch indeed.



Status : Finished

Oreimo is fine. Well, the show is not as special as the first time though. It’s a safe show to recommend to someone and is quite an amusing one. I don’t get why people is being a dick and bashed the show because of the Novel ending and I’ll never do because I’m not a dick and those people are being rude to the creator of the story. Kirino is the imouto I always wish I have. ClariS song should have been better. I don’t like ClariS all that much anymore.

Railgun S

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S - 05

Status : Stalled at EP.11

I don’t know. I think it’s okay.

Hyakka Ryouran

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride - 05 - Large 17

Status : Boobs

All I see is boobs.



Status : Dropped EP.3

The first ‘getting facade back’ arc is good. After that the show degrade itself to a pile of soggy tissue full of distasteful and dumb service. Read the novel instead.

Date A Live


Status : Dropped EP.1

This show is but a pile of turd. Otaku Turd.


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