Hater’s Guide on Titan


Shingeki no Kyojin how good this show is… Well, It’s an absolute epic struggle between mankind and humanoid thingy that tends to eat mankind and drive mankind to extinction.

Let’s not pretend you know the manga series before the anime has been aired. The series is a “shounen” manga and let’s face it no matter how you blood coat the thing with mass murdering humanoid supernatural monster and grotesque death It’s still a “shounen” manga.


Watching Shingeki no Kyojin just for the gore, blood, and mental struggle is all an illusion. The show itself is good for about first three episode where their is no mahoushojou  esque, transforming into titan, bullshit.


The cast is good because you don’t have to remember all the 10+ character names.

They all died. quick. with no emotional attachment to the watcher whatsoever. When death affect the character in story they knows how to ruined the thing by exaggerate them


Shingeki no Kyojin is not much different than that of Zombie genre anime or game. Where all the cast must survive the unavoidable terror the world throws at them.

Everything is always life and death decision.

Why it have to be that way? WHY!?

Attack On Titan Episode 8 a1

The world itself is quite dumb, to be honest, in war time and still there is no scientist that can think of the way to counter titan attack, but only the mahoushoujo way? crappy cutter blade and spiderman esque slingshot?

There is no immersion to be found here.

If you expect to be amazed by the believable world and all the despair they offered in the first three episode. You better quit.

As an introductory to a “shounen” manga, Shingeki no Kyojin, is a successful title, but It’s nothing more than that.

The soundtrack is so well composed too. The OP in anime feels just right, but then you listen to the full version and realised It’s just a pile of musical turd. I mean really, It’s horrible. ED is okay though, neither good nor bad, just okay. The insert is good. I’ll give credit to mpi. However, overall soundtrack quality is just mediocre.

But everything is okay,

Mikasa is well drawn.



Titan is Cute.


Why do we have to kill them? They even believe in god.

Bearded Titan

What do we learned, Seriously?


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