Remember Me : Soul to Squeeze

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“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”
― L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl

Remember Me take place in 2048 Neo-Paris where the war of human civilizations is over and we start rebuilding our civilization again. You plays as Nilin a Memory Hunter in captive, haunted by your past self, searching for the truth.


In Neo-Paris 2048, We have, Sensen, technology which allow us to store our memory, relived it or erased it entirely which controlled by Memorized, a corporate entity which thrive on memory management business.

You, as the Memory Hunter, can steal other’s memory or alternate it as you see fits. The game itself portrait the conflict of Nilin own conscience of bending memory, “playing god”, as the story unfold.

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Remember Me game mechanic is a mediocre fast pacing action game similar to Devil May Cry series. However, there are many mechanic that is very interesting; One of which is called “remix”. In this game Nilin can tap into one of her target memory and alternate it which will leading to different outcome entirely. In the remix mode you scroll time back and forth in a particular scenario then chose a key object to interact with i.e. swapping medicine to cause a terrible accident. It is very entertaining to pick different key object to watch the scene play out indeed.

RememberMe.exe 2013-6-7-17-52-47-864

Also, The combat mechanic have you build you own combo which will leads to different type of play style.

The BGM of this game is very good, It’s the blend of orchestra and electronic music which suit the game perfectly to the point that I’d like to buy the composer a beer.

RememberMe.exe 2013-6-7-15-28-50-156

The tech side of game is also very good indeed. The game runs on Unreal Engine which is  not very resource intensive. It runs stable 40+ fps in high setting on my 2-years old gaming rig, which is pretty impressive.

Now, The problems, Remember Me is a pretty game with a nice concept and a good story to match, but It was far too pretty and impressive to the point that the gameplay can handle. The fighting mechanic was pretty good at first but later down the story line. You realized that there is nothing beneath the jump and release your custom combo, then jump and release your custom combo over and over again. The platforming is too easy, easier than the reboot of Tomb Raider. Neo-Paris is darn pretty but you can’t explore anything beside where you were supposed to go, and The camera angle is pissed poor and get in your way all the time.

RememberMe.exe 2013-6-7-19-12-24-285

To me, Remember Me is a new and refreshing breeze in a long time, as a new IP and as a third person fast pacing action game which is practically all the same.

Dontnod Entertainment has done a fantastic job at establishing a new franchise. Whether this game is a commercial success or not remain to be seen, but it already owned a place in my heart.


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  1. Is it playable on MBPR?

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