Metro : Last Light ; Fear of The Dark


I don’t enjoy Metro 2033, for me, 2033 is boring. The game itself just keep throwing same enemy at you in a dreary Metro which looks all the same which made me rage quit in about half way into the game.

Metro : Last Light is a successor to that title, so I’m curious to see if there will be any different to their predecessor. In Metro : LL you played as Artyom same old protagonist as 2033. LL predefine that you chose the most destructive ending in 2033 which is bombard all the Dark Ones with missiles. The game revolved around the last Dark One in existence or rather your mission to capture the Dark One which gone horribly wrong.

In Last Light, there is a lot of Metro politic come into play. The Reich, Red, and Rangers are at each other throat for the control of new found bunker, D6, which supposed to be full of supply. Who control D6 controls the Metro.

So, Yes the story is quite good better than that of 2033, not that there is no flaw.

The gameplay is quite that of 2033. It is an interesting idea of using pre war military grade ammo as a currency, but the guns they’re all generic and not that interesting. Adding customisation helps but It’s still not a far fetch from generic shooter.

MetroLL.exe 2013-5-16-14-38-41-25

The level design is sub par. There is a lot of invisible wall and sometime the scripted event doesn’t trigger which led to reloading last checkpoint and a lot of pain in my arse. Atmosphere wise, It’s better than 2033. The Metro is dark and dreary place but it doesn’t look all the same any more. Still the whole game is just a Metro corridor with some instance of going up to the surface. The enemy have more variation and the pacing of the game is quite okay. At least I don’t rage quit like I did with 2033.

The Stations in Metro though, seems like an opportunity lost. It can served as a place for side quests and interesting dialogue, but no… It has life but still a corridor.

Last Light has its moments. It’s a corridor, but one with good atmosphere.

MetroLL.exe 2013-5-16-14-39-14-463

The engine of the game is the thing that is truly unforgivable. The engine itself may runs at a stable 60+fps if you have high end PC, but for mid end PC you’re pretty much doomed. My PC runs AMD x6 and ATi HD5770, outdated, but It can runs Bioshock Infinite smoothly. So, why should not It runs the game that does not looks as good as Bioshock Infinite smoothly? I can’t say that I’ve got the best experience Last Light has to offer, but for fucks sake, your engine is too fucking resource intensive.

Ultimately, I enjoyed Last Light more than 2033, but in the end It’s just another mediocre shooter. nothing more, nothing less.

Metro : Last Light

3.5 out of 5 stars


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