Farcry 3 : Blood Dragon ; A Farcry from Farcry


This is no vacation.

Farcry 3 : Blood Dragon is not about rich kids enjoying their vacation on a remote island. This time you’re a cyber commando on a mission to stop an agent who has gone rogue. This game has no affiliate with the story of Farcry 3. Actually, Blood Dragon is an opposite of Farcry 3 in term of story. The game doesn’t take itself seriously. It is dumb, really dumb, but that is why it’s good.

Blood Dragon is the ultimate homage to ’80 movies.

There is reference everywhere, even the plot itself resemble the ’80 b-grade movie. The mechanic of the game is all Farcry 3 solid gunplay mechanic, but with linear skill upgrade instead of a full skill tree. The guns customization in Blood Dragon is akin to that of Farcry 3 with a touch of ’80 madness. Want a Assault Rifle that shoot out laser? You got it. A Quad Barrel Full Automatic Shotgun? Yeaaaa. Mechanic wise, Blood Dragon is like a dumb down Farcry 3 with a lot of ’80 reference and Blood Dragons.


Yup, Blood Dragons, it’s a thing. Actually, It’s a T-Rex that shoot laser out of their eyes and eating Cyber heart for breakfast. They’re quite lethal in the first quarter of the game, but as you progress you’ll get your hands on bigger guns and taking down these blood dragons is absolutely satisfying. These blood dragons will also work in your favor to kill all the opposing cyber commando when storming a stronghold. It’s a freaking mayhem.

The environment is quite a step down from Farcry 3. There is hazy red fog everywhere, but on the upside you can run faster and takes no fall damage.

Why you ask? because you’re a Cyber Commando that’s why!

Farcry 3 : Blood Dragon is quite a fine game, but personally I don’t really like it. It screams “1980” loud and clear, which is why I don’t like it. The game itself should not be named “Farcry 3”. If you’re into parody game then you should play this and for $15.99 it’s bloody fucking cheap for a game this caliber, but if you’re into more serious game and more serious story telling then steer clear of this game. Then again if you have nothing to do and crave a ’80 b-grade movie, buy this game instead.

Well, having T-Rex shooting laser at you is always nice.


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