Story so far : Uwakoi(うわこい)

It’s about love.

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Uwakoi (うわこい)is a story by Itosugi Masahiro. It’s about relationship between Yukiteru and Yuno. It’s also about secret affair Yukiteru is having with Rena.

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Yukiteru who’s freeloading at Yuno place because his house was burnt down due to an accident.

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Yuno who’s having a crush with Yukiteru despite being his childhood friend.

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Rena who secretly swoop in and steal Yukiteru away despite being Yuno best friend.

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It’s about sex or is it not about sex? Yukiteru loves Yuno, but give in to Rena and seal the deal with her instead.

It’s about guilt.

In the end do I enjoy reading this twisted story?

I do and that’s what made me feels bad about myself. Uwakoi is definitely not for everyone, but for those who enjoy gut wrenching twisted affair this manga is a must read.