Monaco : Get in, Get out, Get Rich!

113020_screenshots_2013-04-25_00001Monaco is a top down cooperative heist game. The idea is simple. get in, steal stuffs, get out, but when put that idea into practice that’s when things start to get messy. Everything around you turns to shit, friends dead, bombs exploded. The magic of Monaco itself lies in that process. You can look at all the review the internet has to offer, but you will not understand the actual thrill that this game gives.

Monaco send you through a journey as one of the many crooks, Hacker, Pickpocket, Locksmith, etc. Each of which has his/her own set of skill. Pickpocket have monkey that will pick up coin for him, Hacker can hack terminal faster, Locksmith can crack lock faster. One may argue that the classes is imbalance. The fact is that in certain situation some class are easier to manage than others but in the end it all come down to how you play the game. Some may favor the takedown of Cleaner, while some may not.

113020_screenshots_2013-04-26_00001Shit happens… a lot

The story of Monaco may not be the greatest story ever told in video games, but it is charming and adorable in it own way. What really exquisite in this game is its’ gameplay mechanic. You can’t see the whole map, your field of view is limited by the environments so you have to make your decision based on what you see at the time which make every run a different one.There is practically no learning curve in this game, what you see is what you get, the more you play the more you will pursuit the game in its’ purest form.

The game itself is designed not to be 100% stealth, you will be spotted, shit will go wrong and you have to deal with it. There will be a lot of shouting, screaming, and cursing. However, this is one of the best coop experience you will get. Whether sitting in same coach or sitting in front of the screen at the opposite side of the world. Monaco made friends come together in harmony for a grand heist or kill each other in the worst manner possible.

BIzi8wuCMAAaKEV.jpg large

Did I mention that I love C4?

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine

Five out of Five Stars.


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