Deadlight : Where all hope has been lost


Deadlight is a 2.5D indie survival platformer in which you are an old man trying to stay alive as you were split from your group of fellow survivor when trying to reach safe point in Seattle. In this days and ages where zombies game overpopulated the gaming scene, It’s hard to think that another zombie game will do well in sense of captivating customers, but this one is exceptional. The story have been told through a graphic novel type of cut scenes and is well written. It is a story where everything goes down around you and you’re trying to struggle through that insanity.


The visual is amazing, especially the background where everything is quite detailed.The sound design is also astonishing, but the thing that tie everything together is the gameplay where you have only 3 health and not enough bullets to gun down every zombie on sight, which is a thing that zombie game nowadays did not possess, love it or not Zombie genre nowadays are mostly populated by “Press X to see Explosion” and “Gun down all the freaks” games, which does not invoke the sense of vulnerability at all. Where is the fear in death when you have a gun fully loaded with spare magazine every hundred yards? in contrast to older Zombie games the likes of “Resident Evil” or “Biohazard” which in the First till Third game done awfully well with their wonky camera, the limitation of save, ammo management, and deadly zombies. Deadlight is quite like all those old RE games where zombie encounter is more trouble than it’s worth. The puzzle itself in the game may not be all that complicated ,but there is a sense of vulnerability in there.

If you’re looking for some casual platformer with a little touch of zombie apocalypse this game is sure to be deliver.


With that said the game is not without flaws. In fact there is many flaws in this game, Sometime the control do what you didn’t expected it to do and the separation between background and foreground is kinda tricky and the game is quite short, 3 hour long to be accurate, but if you can deal with all the issues the game itself is quite an amazing one.

It probably is the most interesting take on Zombie genre in the most recent years.


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