Public Service Announcement : !Tweeria

Can you remember the world where there is no Tweeria?
Well, I certainly can. My twitter feed is a place where there is full of discussion whether constructive or not. It is a place where I can relax hang out with friends discussing things just like a pub.
Then Tweeria was born at first it was a niche then suddenly it went viral. Now there is !”Query” everywhere.

Screen Shot 2556-01-11 at 11.16.31 AM

Why? Why does it come to this? The place has been trashed with all the !Skill and stuff. People even create drama just to gain advantage of lvling his/her own Tweeria quicker. Why? Is this the purpose of Tweeria? Is this how it should be played?

I am disappointed. I thought we were better than this. I though we can analysed and recognised game to understand the purpose of the developer. Then again is it the System’s fault? No. It is one’s own tweets, hence one’s responsibility. The game itself is created just for fun, as the name suggested The Laziest MMORPG Ever, then why do we have to take it so fucking seriously? Why do we have to cast spell every single tweet? Why do we have to forced ourselves to tweet more than we usually do?

Tweeria is not a game to be played. It’s a game best be played by not playing.

The concept of it own is that the game itself required minimal user involvement. So why? Why all the skill casting, stat analysing and shits. Don’t you annoyed when someone having a conversation with you then he shout ARROW every time he ends his sentence? That is what it’s like right now…

Why don’t we calm down and play it as it was meant to be played?

If you want to be a competitive player why not focus on stats instead of skills?
Tweeria is meant to made your tweets more tangible by offering character, stats, loots. To enhanced our Twitter experience, but now It’s nothing more than verbal littering.

So please stop ruining other’s Twitter experience by your Tweeria verbal littering.


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A College Student who probably have no life.

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