2012 : A Year in Review


This is the only reason in year for me to blow all the dust off my PS3 and get it to work. I’ve finished it once in 2011 and decided to pick it up for a second go this year, and boy what a blaze it was. This game may not be a breakthrough in term of technical stuff but the story is so damn good. It’s question your infidelity not many game can do that and the gameplay is fun and frustrating at the same time, but It’s the best climbing block game ever!!


Mass Effect 3
I adore Mass Effect 2. It’s a lovely game and this third installment is the closure of the Mass Effect Saga, so what could go wrong? right?
Well, yeah… It was a good game, I can’t denial that fact. However, playing the first two game and transfer save to this game and after all the shit you went through during the game, not to mention that I’ve finished the game in one go (fucking sleep deprived), all you get in the end is a multi color explosion. fuck EA fuck Bioware fuck fuck fuck
Enough with the rant, Mass Effect Saga is a masterpiece of space orchestra. It’s an utterly mind blowing experience through the tales of Commander Shepard.


Diablo 3
Best game ever!! until Blizz nerf it. Still, according to my battle.net ID I have logged more than 400 hrs into it. The story is mediocre, but what made Diablo Diablo is it’s core gameplay mechanic and loots!! The loots sucks though, but Blizz really nailed the core gameplay mechanic. Also, Hardcore mode, If you are not playing HC you’re doing it wrong. The though of permadeath is really strong with this one, and It has been implement very well with the game. It was an enjoyable experience indeed, but sadly it ends.


Borderlands 2
GUNS!! GUNS!! GUNS!! Borderlands 2 is enjoyable with it quirky humorous dialog and voice acting. The story is quite good and there is plenty of quest to be doing, but what bring this game together is CO-OP multiplayer. It is a total mayhem with friends and the raid is frustratingly hard, but still with more dlc it’s still a good game to spend time playing.


Revenge solves everything. Yes, but what kind of revenge will you deliver. A dagger in the back through the heart, Eaten alive by rats. That’s a few example of what you do in Dishonored. This game is all about exploration and execution, It is a Stealthy first person game which is hard to come by in a genre that populated with mindless shooting copycat.
The gameplay mechanic and level design is nothing short of excellence. If you see a ledge and you want to go there, you simply can. This provide a whole lot of different way to complete the mission and the story. This is one of the game to be replay, over and over, just to experience the joy and creativity of killing.


The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead is a story telling in form of interactive art. It is not a game where you can win or lose, It’s more than that. The gameplay resemble Heavy Rain, but the gameplay is just a mere shell. This game is an experience you will never forget. The story of survival, lost, struggle the character go through is very emotional and thought provoking. The game itself manage to pull of such a feat. It is a very good game which can be enjoy by everyone and should be enjoy by everyone.


Need for Speed : Most Wanted 2012
A reboot by Criterion. If you expected that this will be alike to the Old Most Wanted, you will be disappointed. The game itself is a simplicity of a driving game there is no story you just drive. It is an arcade racing game, It’s fun, It’s a bit mental, but yea It’s good.
And the soundtrack is fucking awesome. The best soundtrack choice for racing game ever, It goes really well with the game. However, I still wish that if only there is a story in this like the Old Most Wanted…


Far Cry 3
“Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?”
The line define this game. You’re a rich kid stranded on an island full of insane pirates. A Far Cry from where you come from. The Tatau, Citra, Drug, Hallucination all plays the part in this game, but the thing that made this game so memorable for me is the villain Vaas. He’s the very definition of confined insanity. I could go on and on about this game, but you should pick it up and enjoy it yourself. This game has a lot of subtle agenda in it, yet on the outside, It is a raw, beautiful, epic game. Totally, not a typical mindless shooter.


Hotline Miami
A game should be fun. This game is not, but it is my Game of The Year. It’s like an acid trip. Every game try to justify the killing by putting a story into it, but Hotline Miami is not like all the other game. One second it made you enjoy yourself, another second later it made you disgust at what you’ve done. It’s a game that good at enjoying you and made you not enjoying itself and that’s what define 2012 for me.


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