Hater’s Guide to ALO

Sword Art Online what a blaze that was. People either love it or hate it. Sad thing is SAO is end at Episode 14 which is really a shame… So what we got now is another Online game named Alfheim Online aka. ALO.

ALO is all about getting Asuna ,aka. Kirito’s waifu, back to the real world. I totally have no idea why she got stuck in the old SAO server after the end of SAO arc which She and Kirito “dead” in SAO which means if the game is tumbling down then why Kirito is able to come back. They should be both brain dead if there is no Protagonist buff.


In ALO, The things that strike me hard is that same hard sell feeling i got back in SAO is still there, but in other form. Now they try to hard sell Kirito’s own sister, since they hard sell Asuna so bad in SAO the hard selling is getting harder than ever. They should renamed the Title of the show to Sister Affair Online if nothing else. Her boobs are nice though.


Then again many quirky character, nothing interesting, moar generic anime quirkiness. My hater self is so bored that I’m not watching it live as the Jpn raw come out anymore. It’s a real shame. The action scene and music which were quite good in SAO, dual wielding sword slashing at light speed, has been reused again and again. It’s staled bad…


For those who think this is the Anime of The Year, You’re wrong. This is just another generic anime nothing more, nothing less.

It’s hard to believe that a show that is so controversial has come to this, but it is.

If the show have been ended as SAO arc ended, It should have been a quite a nice one, but now it’s a pointless, generic, boring show. However, I watched it to the end and hating myself for wasting 30 mins of my life watching it every single damn week, being hater is hard…


One more thing the antagonist sucks. Seriously, NTR and cheat and stuff is lame. No clever plan, good execution, or anything in between, but Hey! think of this as “Porn asking for mainstream recognition”, Now that’s better.


Then again if you love shallow plot, quirky character, hard selling stuff, Suguha’s boobs just watch it, but for me I would not recommend this to my friends anymore.

but if your friend is a siscon carry on…


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