Personal Concern : I’m sick of FPS

FPS is big genre. In fact, most of mainstream title are FPS. I’m sick of FPS. I hate FPS. The joy of shooting people up ,for me, is long gone.

I have played CS1.6, BF1942, CoD, MoH : Allied Assault and many more. Call me crazy, but modern day FPS lacks something of the old days. The graphic, gameplay, sound design is all improved but it’s lacks something.

or It just me that finally bored of shooting people. After all doing the same thing over and over and over is just boring. The joy of killing people in BF1942 is long gone indeed, in BF3 I just stop playing shitload of maps and play only Operation Metro, which is a… well… shitty map, but I still keep on playing it. Why? I don’t know…

but it’s not the same… Iwo Jima in BF1942 is really fun and I remember it fondly, on the other hand after every round of Metro I can’t remember shit.

Same thing happened to CoD : Blops2 too, after an all-nighter I can’t even remember the plot.

Maybe it’s like narcotic, maybe it’s not…

I really don’t know.


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A College Student who probably have no life.

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