Plague Inc : Mastery of Epidemic

Plague Inc is a game about something unusual. This is a game where you have been put in God’s place to wipe out all of us sinners by manipulating plague. Sound simple?

Well, No. This is a resource management strategy game and, to be frank, it has quite a steep learning curve, but after you know what’s what it’s fun and addictive as hell.
The game let you genetically modify your strain of Bacteria, Virus, Parasite, etc. This system is resemble CoD iconic perk system. You begin with 0 genetic code, so you can’t do much on brutal difficult at first, but once you unlocked more perks it will be doable.

In general, the game have 3 phases. When you begin, you start with a blank world map which indicate that the world is a happy place. Everything is going fine as usual. You start by picking one of the country to start your plague, the poor with accessible to airport and dock is ideal. Each country has different way to react to plague, so choose wisely.
Phase 2, Infection phase.
Here’s the stealthy bit. Try to keep your plague as low profile as possible. Then infect all of the world population so we can enter phase 3. Keep in mind that each country have different climate and population.
Phase 3, Kill phase. Now kill everybody as fast as possible. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill, but Humans won’t go out without a fight. We will focus all of our resources, every nation, every living men, to develop cure for the plague, to keep on living.

Hey, You’re God remember? Now watch as all the humans struggle in vain just to cure what you befall upon them.

It’s a funny feeling really to see humanity fall. The game itself is good even if you’re no mobile phone gamer kind of guy, but give this a try maybe you’ll get addict to it like I am now.

Have fun killing off Humanity.


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