The War Z : Zombie Survival for Dummies

*This post is written based on Alpha stage of the game and represent the view of my own*

The War Z is the “first” Open World Zombie Survival game ever, not counted Day Z which is an ARMA mod. By far I’ve spent 6 hrs. into the game which I’ve obtain a guess pass from @LuZiFeRX360 and by far I’m not impressed.

I can not write this post without mentioning Day Z at all so carry on with it. Day Z is a Zombie Survival mod of ARMA2 : Combined Ops which is a military simulator. It’s featured 225 km2 map and Zombies. lots of Zombies. The goal of the game is simple Survive as long as you can.

In War Z you start with a Flash light and little supply. You have to scavenge in town for better weapon and more supply. Zombie encounter early on is quite deadly because flash light deal very low damage and also give out your location to bandits which is even more deadlier than a lone zombie. Zombie is dumb and slow but deadly at melee range if you’re swarmed, you’re dead. Somehow Zombies have short arms and yes… ridiculously dumb, jump on top of a car and they can’t hit you at all. Now you can spam your Flash light and rack up Zombie Kills.

Guns in War Z is very loud and noise attract more of them, so don’t use guns unless you’re fighting bandits. Bandits, your fellow survivor, which is hostile… well everyone got to survive one way or another so, why not killing fellow survivor which has a lot of gears and loot it right?

Same as Day Z, you trusted no one, I got killed by trusty @Shoompon via a hammer. The douche smashed my head over and over then teabag me to his heart content. I’m sad.

Also, No army can fight on an empty stomach. you and your friends need to eat and drink to maintain your stamina. food rarely come by so must be managed wisely, but other than that it’s nothing just food and water. basically a dumb down Day Z.

War Z is very similar to Day Z in many aspect, but as you delve down it’s clear that War Z is a different beast than Day Z, and a hideous one.

The character animation is mediocre, if you have been living in a cave with no internet connection and have neither play video games nor watch movie or animation in the past  5 years. Your character moves like stick man wearing a human disguise. Jumping and running is not fluid or human like at all. It’s like a experimental robot trying to act like a human. by far the worst character animation i’ve seen this year.
Zombies, mostly not being displayed properly. Their feet sink underground and stuff. Terrain, all low resolution. Sound design is mediocre, annoying sometime.

Day Z also have these flaws, but Day Z is just a mod for ARMA2 not an actual game which cost   $19.99 – $59.99

Frankly, I have high hope in this game, but in the end it’s fail me. If you prefer free to play online game that imitate Day Z and have a hefty price tag then you should pick this one up.
but for me I’ll wait for Day Z stand alone.


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