Hotline Miami ; Blood, Pig, and A Man with Knife

Video game made us be able to re-imagine ourselves as whatever we want to. We play a lot of game, like racing, shooting, etc. but ever wonder what will it feels like to re-imagine yourself as maniac psycho murderer?

Hotline Miami is exactly that this is a game about murder, massacre, and extreme violence. You are one of an assassin hired by mysterious animal masked man who left a vague objective on your phone voice-mail. The story itself is dark, as dark as an ink drop, through each stage you must kill all targets which sound easy in modern video game, but trust me it isn’t. In this game you will be as vulnerable as your enemy one pellet from a shotgun can easily kill you, granted you have infinite continue, but it made no difference because every time you die you have to start that floor(section of stage) over again and again and again.

The game is hard, gruesome, full of violence yet it feels good.

It’s hard to imagine that a game filthy and bloody as this made anyone feel good. It may have an illusion of an 8 bit esque graphic to deceive you but no… if I made a list of Violent Games this is the candidate for the top spot. The controversial GTA or Postal can’t even be a match for this level of violence. “You punch your enemy in the face as he fall you pick up his knife and put it in his mouth and cut his fucking mouth off.” or “you pick up his baseball bat and smash his head over and over and over again until his head is a bloody mess.”

After all the mess, unlike most of modern game protagonist which walk away scotch free, Your protagonist  life is affect by the event that happened. Yes killing people have consequences.

The control of this game is tailor made for Xbox 360 controller, but mouse and key board works fine too. Still i’d love to see this game port to PS Vita it just seems like a perfect fit for this kind of game.The game itself is a top-down fast paced action shooter kinda game. If you got swarmed? You’re done for. You will die. A LOT.

But Oh noes, don’t let the dead of your other digital protagonist go in vain. Every time you die you will learn new things about the level you’re in. Analyst it and beat that level. You mass murdering pig masked man.

To sum it up, Hotline Miami is a good unique interesting and quite gross indy game that you should play.
Damn you guys should really put this on PS Vita.


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