An Addiction to Loot

loot    /lo͞ot/
Goods, esp. private property, taken from an enemy in war.

Delicious loots. We all love them. Drop from monster, inside every chest. Some game even put them in monster poop or a toilet. Loot is a good thing. We even build games on the foundation of looting and hoarding treasure.

Loot has been an element in Action RPG, MMORPG, and many genre of game since before we start to categorize RPG into many sub genre. We’ve been strive to gearing our digital self with the most powerful weapon and armor since forever. It is an obsession for one self to strive for one own perfection. The very first game that awake my loot craze inner self was Diablo 2.

In Diablo 2, The game loot mechanic itself is a masterpiece. Combine that with fast paced action packed gameplay mechanic is absolute pinnacle of Action loot based game. At the time, I was playing as an Amazon. For the first time I felt that every weapon and armor that was fitted into a battlefield has its’ own unique character. Until you reached Endgame stage you’ve met and partway with many weapon and armor but every encounter seems to have meaning in itself, every set drop or unique drop make you feel satisfy with the grind. unlike it successor Diablo 3, which the loot drop is so random to the point that most of them is junk.

Interestingly, Diablo 3 introduce a system of Auction House which is an improved version from WoW and able player to use “Real Money” to buy gears they want or even buy Gold. For the first month it was quite interesting and fun, but when Blizz made Gold purchasable via Real Money the market collapse and made all the grind even less worthwhile because you can buy a decent gears on the cheap (100+ hrs. gears with 20 hrs. gold) , but from an overall standpoint Diablo 3 is undeniably a great game.

Another case of modern loot fest is Borderlands 2. Guns, Guns everywhere. Pass 4 Play-through I’ve never found gun that are identical. There is just so many guns, but Gearbox managed to made the loot drop interesting unlike certain company. Did I mention that this game made me a fanboy of in-game gun manufacturer. I mean really, the manufacturer of weapon in-game each of them have their own design, pros and cons. Which player will have to try out themselves to find out which one suit their own play style best. Also don’t forget Legendaries this game Legend guns are so distinctive and so memorable, unlike certain game.

The point is… Made game based on loot system is good. If done right, It is a repetitive mechanic that can go on and on and on forever, but if done wrong, It wear out real quick.

Did I mention I stop playing Diablo 3 and move on already.

With Love and Fuck You Blizzard,

P.S. Stop Nerfing Demon Hunter already.


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