Dishonored, An Extraordinary Experience

It’s exam’s weeks people, yet here I am writing this blog.

This week is a total chaos. It probably be great if I managed to pull myself out of my ordinary habit of gaming all the time and start intensive cramming, but that is not gonna happened.

I’ve finished Dishonored. I won’t spoil it. This game is Epic, best game in the whole month, a must have. If you’re into stealthy FPS like old school Thief. You will not be disappointed, when you ramp up the difficult and turn off all the HUD. This game is challenging and very demanding indeed. The game itself is a little bit lacking in Story, but it’s a rare blend and innovative game, asking more would be too much. There’re so many way to achieved the objective, so many that I wouldn’t mind playing the game again for second run and do things different than what I have done in the first play through.


Unfortunately, I don’t have my mouse, Razer Naga, with me now. So that’ll have to be an after exam objective. You may wondering “I don’t have a mouse how the fuck I manage to finished a game?”. I use my spare mouse. Apple Magic Mouse. It is magical.

The damn thing is really get in the way when you try to achieved a stealthy approached to this game. So I ran through every thing killing every single guard that picking a fight with me. I can 100% say that the swordplay mechanic of this game is the best I’ve ever seen in years. It’s really fast paced and when you attack someone it feels like you’re actually execute the motion, unlike other games which sword fight feels really light and crappy.

The Environment of this game is a work of Art. The Setting ,the NPC , and the Art design all goes together and create one of the most unique experience ever.

Overall, I can say that this game is a Must Buy. Even if you not into Stealthy Assassination thingy, You should try it. Stabbing a knife into someone neck feels really good.

Now, I’ll have to go and prep myself for an upcoming exam.

Stay tuned,


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