A Hater Post : Sword Art Online

Yes, Sword Art Online, The anime that you’re all raving about. This post is my personal view toward this anime series so far. Thus a hater post.


For those who have not seen the series (yet?), Sword Art Online is about MMORPG game which player have been trapped and if you die in there you die IRL. Interesting setting it seems.


“There is no log out.”


“This is what you get when select the wrong gender in character creation screen.”


The series protagonist, Kirito, is one of the elite in the game. The goal of the game is to clear all the boss and log out. The series itself revolve around him. Throughout the series he met other players, good and bad, and many events happened. Tears were shed, people come and goes, everybody dies. Drama stuffs.


How I come to hate this series? It sound like a good one. I’ll admit this series is good. Animation, Sfx, etc. etc. There is only two issues I have with this series.

First, Its Attitude, Yes that cheerful and happy and drama and stuff. It’s all good and dandy if you don’t spent more than 1000+ hrs. into MMORPG before. The anime depict the ordinary farm, grind, and lvling for dramas.Then It hit you that those stuff don’t actually happens IRL. That’s awkward feeling is quite awful.

Second, Fanboys. Fanboys everywhere.

Every week I watch this show and hating myself for watching it, being a gamer and all there is absolute no way in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Yup, Hard-Selling Asuna was good for one or two times but… DOING IT EVERY FUCKING EPISODE IS WRONG DUDEEEEEEEEEE.



Sword Art Online is like an illusion of MMORPG. The series sell you a dream of living life like protagonist while in real life MMORPG isn’t like that at all.As a Anime and a Mainstream media it is a successful one indeed.

and Yes you should watch this show…

just don’t be a hater…

your life will be hard when you’re one.

if you want an IRL alternative go play Diablo 3 HC.

You won’t die for real, but inside you will slowly dying while you grieving for your dead digital self in the world of Sanctuary.

TL;DR : Just watch the fucking show and don’t think about it.


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