Hater’s Guide to Aldnoah.Zero



We never learn do we.

What the fuck is Aldnoah anyway?
What the fuck did Aldnoah civilisation do to get such innovashun in the first place and why should we care? Can we called it magic instead? That’d be cool, because every fucking thing is magical.

Yes, It is magical because everything is fucking perfect isn’t it? you can block bullet and everything, but you gonna get killed by some student driving some shite mech that doesn’t even properly equipped to deal with you fucking arsenal. If your fucking arsenal are so outclassed that of earth’s arsenal why don’t you martian grow some brain and fucking use it properly?


The King of Vars Empire is pretty much fucking dumb. Yes, open a galactic war because of one advisor told it is wise to trust an information with no concrete reference. You are a fucking king. I mean goddamnit. You’re old and can’t even keep your subject in check and not conspiring against you. Why don’t you just turn over the throne to your hime and what not? Fucking idiots.

Aldnoah.Zero Inaho

How can Inaho fucking knows what to do? Is he a wizard? I think he is a wizard. Wearing orange cape and firing laser gun pew pew pew. Really, you are going to push over and make him a genius then please make him a human with emotion. Are you really going to play with issue like “PTSD” and “WAR IS CRUEL” while making a protagonist an inept human being incapable of having a feel over anything? Friend’s dead. Wow. One gurl nearly killed precious hime. Wow. I now think of robot wizard wearing an orange cape.


Desensitised to death

Death can be a very impactful plot device, but when you fucking killing off such a huge amount of character in every fucking episode, death doesn’t mean anything. It’s just statistic now we can play a game of counting how many body count in AZ. It’d be very fun.

aldnoah-zero-0201Do you remember the name of the fucking guy that died when he got absorbed into the barrier of some martian mech in the earlier episode? I don’t and everybody doesn’t seem to remember him either. They just act shocked like 3 seconds. Wow. In fact all of the project that have Urobuchi Gen involved are like this. Don’t you people find this boring and hollow? Trying so hard just to be emotional about it, but let just admit I have only known that Supporting Character A for just 5 seconds… awww now he’s dead and I could not give no fucks about him.


There are some moment it could be something quite meaningful, but they never delivered.

Classism checked. Racism checked. PTSD checked.
The earth people are peasant they must be eradicated. Mar are sure full of racist jerks. They’re all earthling in the first place if they can terraformed Mars into a living space why can’t they carry the tech from earth and being cool with earth and everything? Why does it have to be high and mighty then created new empire. After that being jelly about earth having better environment.

The king is always right. We must all bow and blindly follow order of the king and his knights because reasons. The elite baits commoner with fame and power into executing their own princess assassination then killed the peasant off after they got no use left. Now our princess is lost, don’t bother launching an thorough investigation, just fucking open fire and go to war.

PTSD seems to be a big deal. Well, it is. It is not a big deal in this absolute wank animu anyway. Yes, we know that Ltn. Marito got PTSD from the old war and he got one recollection treatment from a doc. Everything is gonna be fine. While the show do touch on the subject many, many times, but for some reason they never ever come close to explore and discuss the subject with the seriousness it deserved.

ALDNOAH ZERO - 06 - Large 26Mech are uncool
I mean… Fucking flying punch… Man… How lame can it gets…

Alien invade earth?
Mankind Extinction?
Very Decisive and Know what to do all the time protagonist?
Must get the friends to safety and fight back the reapers?
Friends dead?
The reaper finally invades earth?
In the end killed off the reaper, but the protagonist is…?



Really, This animu just fling shite at the wall and hope some of them sticks. The martian kill dad classism shite isn’t even resolved yet, now we gotta deal with all the fallout of princess killing, wizard with orange cape killing, the fucking elite killing thing. Breaking the cycle of hatred, my arse. In the end you even try in desperation to drag Bioshock: Infinite into this mess. Look how it goes. Well, The soundtrack are okay though, Kalafina is best.

screenshot-326To sum it up, Aldnoah.Zero is a fucking trainwreck. The fucking thing promised to be great and dealing with serious issue, but in the end, pulling a 180 and throwing tantrum with shock and awe like a fucking spoiled child.

I’m so done with this fucking bipolar animu. Let’s just go and grab a drink.